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Pies & Honey Calgary

It's all local...

Hi, friends, here's the deal: we buy chickens and eggs from a Hutterite colony near Calgary. We like the quality of the chickens they grow. They are not "certified organic”, but we’ve had the chance to see where and how they grow them and what they feed them. In our opinion, they are better than the big store chickens we’ve tried.

For the last few years, we’ve pooled together with family and friends in order to get a bulk pricing discount. It’s worked quite well as everyone who buys gets great food at affordable prices.

We’ve decided to open up orders to our neighbours and our local community as we think more people could benefit from having access to local fresh food.

So… If you’d like to jump on board and get some chickens, eggs, homemade pies and honey, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Sign up for our email list. That way we can let you know when the next order happens. 
  2. When you receive an email from us, click the “place your order” link
  3. Fill out our handy little form with everything you want to order. You’ll receive an email from us with the amount due and details on where to email transfer your payment.
  4. We’ll text you when your order is ready for pick up. We’ll provide our address and pick-up time.

If you’d like to jump on board and get some chickens, eggs, homemade pies and honey, read on and place your order. If you're need more info, maybe our FAQ section will help. Also, if you're wondering who's putting this together, here's a bit of who we are.

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Here's what you can order...


There are 5 chickens in a bag - with an average of 5lbs/chicken.

Single Chicken

The average weight of chickens is 5lb to 6lb each.


30 eggs per flat. Most often gathered the day before delivery.

Pies - $9.50 each.


Homemade, Saskatoon or Apple. Raw & Frozen, ready to bake.